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Coil Line

Your bottom line is what matters most to us, we have recently installed a brand new duct coil line with the patented coil loading system (the fastest in the industry) to a unique roll former design that’s engineered to maximize uptime, Vent Fab manages profitable duct work from every angle.

Reliable performance, high productivity and superior part transfer are the benefits of having the latest technologies on our brand new coil line.

Coil Line Services

  • 5-foot coil line
  • 26 ga – 18 ga
  • Slip and Drive Connections
  • TDC Connections
  • Automatic top and bottom corner installation
  • Automatic Pittsburgh Seam Closer
  • Galvanized, Paint grip, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel
  • Duct liner ½” thru 2”
  • Seam Sealing